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Personal protection is essential to manage the beekeeping activity.

We looked for, during the years, many brand and tools to simplify and improve to carrying out the visit to the apiary.

Our large range of products is studied to satisfy each type of customer, from those who practice beekeeping as a hobby to those who have made their own profession.

The smoker is a necessary tool, it serves to make smoke to put in the brood chamber before each visit.

The smoke is introduced through the slot that is create raising the honeycomb cover in the posterior side of the hive, and after when the bees look agitated.

The smoker is made in stainless steel or galvanized metal and has cylindric shape.

Inside it, are put flameless fuel elements making a cold and white smoke.

A ventilation grid improves the ventilation of the smoke that get out from an exit placed at the end of the conical lid and allows direct the smoke. The necessary air is blown by a bellow which make easy also the grip.

The smoker is cladded with a protection against the burns.

The fuel elements that can be inserted inside are corrugated cardboard, dried leaves, hay, jute and fuel “apiduo”. Not all fuels are suitable, because some of them could be release toxic particles.

The smell of smoke stimulates the bees to move quickly on the honeycombs with honey, in order to create stock in case they are forced to abandoned the hive; so, swollen of honey, they find themselves in difficulty and they extract the stinger.

The ignition must be made always before wear the mask, in order to avoid that some inadvertent flames could set on fire the thin veil.


In some of our smokers, the protection was made in light and tough metal grid and is equipped with attack hook to hang the smoker on the edge of the hive, leaving your hands free and, at the same time, spreading on the hive a little quantity of smoke, keeping calm the bees.