Made of fir or laminated wood, selected and dried with extreme care, our beehives, over the years, have proven to be a winning product.

Careful processing and attention to details make our products tough and reliable for each exigence.

The researching of materials is made without ignore the care for the environment; in fact, all the wood that we use, it comes by a sustainable management of forests.

In the following pages, we will show you some of our standard products, but don’t forget that we are able to produce and changes all the items, according to your needs.


  • you can benefit of a cheaper price;
  • you can make all the changes you need, for example add a pollen trap, a feeder honeycomb cover, a sheet metal roof or a covered roof;
  • we can produce it for every type and every request different from the standard.

We remember you that, in addition to the complete hives, we can modulate the purchase according to your needs.